Rachel Lola Part 1

Rachel Lola Part 1

I had the honor to photograph Rachel Lola from Model Mayhem.  The stunningly beautiful model.  I photographed her along my usual stomping grounds, Congress Avenue in Austin Texas.  As far a lighting it was a combination of using a Mola Rayo and natural light.  The rest of the imagery was a result of Rachel Lola strutting her stuff.  Thank you Rachel.

Model in Victorian hat. Mola Rayo Light.

Model with a view in Austin.Model hanging along the wall in Austin Texas.Mola Rayo used to light fashion model along green leave wall.Simple pose with Mola Rayo Light.Model hanging along a green wall in Austin Texas.Model is reflection along window. In Austin Texas.Model strolling down Congress in Austin Texas. A Mola Rayo light was used.Fashion Model doing fashion strut along Congress.Model with mysterious light in CongressFashion Side Light along Congress. Mola Rayo was used.Model using metal reflection along Congress.Austin fashion Light in downtown Congress.Fashion model in the Austin Night Light.

Portrait Photographer

Ken Black is a artistic portrait and headshot photographer that photographs with a modern fashion flare.  He is Located in Austin Texas.


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