Mola Rayo near 6th Street Austin

Mola Rayo near 6th Street Austin.

I want to first thank Cristina Moore.  She can be found on Model Mayhem.  Very beautiful, super smart, and she knows all the great photographers.  I was impressed.   Aside from starting with a great model, I was using a Mola Rayo.  For those that do not know about the Mola Rayo it is a hard light with a feathered hot spot.  This makes the Mola Rayo a very forgiving hard light.  Anyway, Cristina and I moved around the downtown area near 6th Street.  We just kept looking for cool amazing lighting opportunities and Cristina did the rest.  My job was easy.

Model was lit with Mola Rayo on 6th Street Austin.

Model Hanging on 6th Street Austin.Glamour Photography on 6th Street AustinGirl squating on 6th Street AustinModel reflecting on 6th Street AustinModel hanging by door on 6th Street Austin.Girl in the Sixth Street Mood.Model checking out 6th Street Austin.

Girl hanging by door light on Dirty Sixth.

Door light on 6th street Austin

Girl on Stairway on Dirty 6th

Lady on Downtown Stair on Dirty Sixth

Fashion photo while on 6th Street Austin.

Girl being fashionable while at 6th Street Austin.

Fashion while at Construction Site

Austin Construction fashion while on Dirty 6th.

Austin Construction Fashion

Fashion on bus bench wihile on Dirty Sixth.Window reflections while on Dirty Sixth.

Fashion Model exhausted on Dirty Sixth.

Window reflection

Model near on 6th Street Austin.Model looking beautiful on 6th Street Austin.Model looking ultra fashion on 6th Austin.

Model was short lighted with Mola Rayo on 6th Street Austin.

Model Captured by the Light with Mola Rayo

Model Chilling on 6th Street Austin. Mola Rayo UsedModel hanging on at Dirty Sixth.