Military Wedding

Military Wedding Photography.

Here are just a few of randomly selected wedding photos of a military wedding not too far from Austin Texas.  In fact the wedding was at St Luke’s Catholic Church in Temple TX.  The stunningly beautiful Catholic Church came with all the traditions to go along with Catholic weddings.  The people at the church were kind and accommodating towards me getting images for the bride.  As with most church weddings there were ground rules I had to follow, but I think the wedding photos turned out quite nice for them.  The church itself had an onsite reception facility.  My favorite part of the wedding was when the Grand Dad played the accordion for the bride and groom.


Priest blessing the bride and Marine at military style wedding in Austin.Saying a prayer for bride and priest at a wedding in Austin Texas.Hugging grandpa at a military style wedding.United States Marine with his bride listening to the accordion being played.Military style formation for a wedding in Austin.Military standing at attention while at wedding in Austin Texas.Flower Girl and Ring Barrier walking down the aisle at a military wedding in Austin Texas.Little girl thinking at a military wedding in Austin Texas.Marine kissing his bride at a military wedding in Austin.Cake cutting at military wedding in Austin Texas