Family Photos at the Texas State Capitol

Family Photos at the Texas State Capitol.

A few months ago I was commissioned to take photos of a family at the Texas State Capitol in Austin.  The  Texas Capitol is always a great place to photograph because for starters the place is free to photograph.  Second, the Texas State Capitol is always well air conditioned, a factor often overlooked when photographing.  Finally, there are little gems of really good lighting.  A person just has to look for those gems of light in the Texas Capitol.  Some of the places we photographed at were the lower level skylights, the Capitol’s dome interior, and the Texas Capitol Grand Staircase.  We also photographed outdoors on the south end of the Capitol.  There are some great shade trees and water fountains to work with.

I often asked what I am working towards when I am photographing people.  The answer is evocative lighting, and expression that is effortless.  That expression can come in the form of body posing and facial expression and gestures.  With this family, it was a complete joy to work with because they understood the concept of effortless expression on their part.



Family at the lower level skylight in the Texas State Capitol

Family photos while standing outside of the Texas State CapitolBack lighting that creates shadows at the Texas State CapitolSkylighting of a family at Texas CapitolDad and son make crazy expression at Texas State CapitolWife and Husband having fun at Texas State CapitolSon Looking at FatherFamily acting funny at Texas State Capitol.Family on antique bench at Texas State Capitol.Family at main hallway of Texas State CapitolFamily by some cool lights at Texas State CapitolBoy kicking with his leg while with family at Texas Capitol.Family at water fountain at Texas State Capitol