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Bluebonnets Photos

Bluebonnets Photos   I took these photos of a little girl at Brushy Park in Austin Texas of Bluebonnets so enjoy.  I think the Bluebonnets are going to last only for a little while so get out there and take your photos.  

Christmas Newborn

Christmas Newborn This is a few photos of a newborn girl during the Christmas time frame.  We put together a Christmas tree and used window lighting.    

Austin Newborn Portrait

Austin Newborn Portrait Photography. I was asked to take a bunch of portraits of a newborn here in Austin.  The little baby boy, Baker, is going to end up being a baseball player.  At least, I am convinced of this.  The mom loves baseball, and the father is a softball coach. Little Baker was actually...

Family Photos at the Texas State Capitol

Family Photos at the Texas State Capitol. A few months ago I was commissioned to take photos of a family at the Texas State Capitol in Austin.  The  Texas Capitol is always a great place to photograph because for starters the place is free to photograph.  Second, the Texas State Capitol is always well air...

Cute Baby at Zilker Park with Bluebonnnets

Bluebonnet photos with a cute little baby at Zilker Park O.K. all you baby photo junkies here are some baby photos to feast your eyes on.  These photo were taken approximately in March 2016 at Zilker Park.  There was cool patch of Bluebonnets I found at Zilker Park with a beautiful wooden fence.  I had...

3 year old Photo Shoot

Here are photos of a three year old photographed at Brushy Creek Park in Austin Texas.  Brushy Creek Park is a beautiful park, and a really great place to chase around a three year old to get some pictures.  Go when the sun is setting and bring a lot patience along with you.  

Cute New Born Baby Photographs – Austin TX

Um, what is the words I am looking for… cute baby pictures.  Many might be wondering why one of Austin’s top 6th Street  photographers, and a pretty good fashion photographer to boot is breaking from standard form and photographing a baby.  For starters, I was sought out and commissioned to do this photo shoot.  Second,...