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Ashley Moore at Austin Loft and Lit Lounge

Ashley Moore Portrait’s I had fun photographing  the beautiful Ashley Moore at my loft and also at the Lit Lounge in Austin Texas.  In this portrait session we experimented with a Victorian style mirror, then milk in the bath tub, and finally exploring what the Lit Lounge had to offer for creative work.    

Glamour Photography

Glamour Photography I hooked up with a model from Lousiana and we had a great time walking around downtown Austin, photographing.  Some of the photography was natural light, but there was some photography we did with classic glamour lighting.  Check out the photos.  When additional lighting was used it was done with a Mola Rayo...

Fashion with Shae

Fashion in Austin with Shae I had the opportunity to photograph Shae from Model Mayhem.  We had a great time going all around downtown Austion doing street fashion.  We also did some glamour and Hollywood style lighting.  The light of choice was the Mola Rayo.               Save

Austin Fashion Week 2017

Austin Fashion Week Another successful fashion show for Austin.  I was only able to make Friday, but any enjoy the photos.        

Sammie Fashion Photo Shoot

Fashion with Sammie   I had the pleasure of photographing fashion model Sammie.  She is a natural in front of the camera and has stunning eyes.  She told me she plans on going to school for fashion design.  Something tells me she is going to take the fashion world by storm.  You can find her...

Persian Fashion Shoot

Persian Fashion in Austin   Rahha from South Carolina was in Austin and wanted a fashion photographer to photograph her in Austin.  So met in the downtown Austin area near the city council area.   Here is some of the photos.  You can check her out on Model Mayhem.

Rachel Lola Part 1

Rachel Lola Part 1 I had the honor to photograph Rachel Lola from Model Mayhem.  The stunningly beautiful model.  I photographed her along my usual stomping grounds, Congress Avenue in Austin Texas.  As far a lighting it was a combination of using a Mola Rayo and natural light.  The rest of the imagery was a...

Rachel Lola Part 2

Rachel Lola Part 2 I had the pleasure of photographing Rachel Lola from Model Mayhem.  First off she is a stunning beauty.  There is no way else to put.  I used a Mola Rayo to photograph her.  This is Part 2 of Rachel Lola.    

Federica Ferrari

Federica Ferrari   Believe it or not every last photo was photographed in the downtown area of Austin.  Most of it was done on Congress Street near 6th Street in Austin Texas.  A Mola Rayo along with natural lighting was used.  Special thanks to Federica Ferrari for being a wonderful model.  Federica can be found...

Street Fashion Photography

Austin Street Fashion and Lit Lounge   I photographed Deanna Banana from Model Mayhem.  Make sure you also check out her portfolio.  I photographed her in the Austin downtown area as I have been doing with other models here lately.  I used the Mola Rayo to pull off the lighting.  We photographed at various spots...

Mola Rayo near 6th Street Austin

Mola Rayo near 6th Street Austin. I want to first thank Cristina Moore.  She can be found on Model Mayhem.  Very beautiful, super smart, and she knows all the great photographers.  I was impressed.   Aside from starting with a great model, I was using a Mola Rayo.  For those that do not know about the...

South Congress Fashion Photo Shoot

Fashion Photo Shoot on South Congress. I recently did a photo shoot on South Congress in Austin Texas with Giovanna Cisneros.  Special thanks to her for letting me photograph her.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.  I really love this yellow wall, and Giovanna looked stunning.  

Fashion Photo Shoot on South Congress in Austin

Fashion Photo Shoot on South Congress in Austin. Ok, about a month ago I photographed Adrea Antonelli on South Congress in Austin.  We found a few places to just start photographing and creating.  I noticed Adrea was wearing cyan pants and then I also noticed there was a yellow wall.  I know yellow and cyan are...

Fashion Capitol

I uploaded photos of the fashion photo shoot I photographed at Capitol in Austin Texas.  The models were the stunning Adrea Antonelli and Lance Licciardi .  If anyone is looking for models I highly recommend working with these two.                    

Austin Film Festival

In the past few months I have been asked to photographs celebrities and fashion shows.  Much of the work I have already posted.  However, this is a posting of some of the high light photography that I have done in the category.  

Austin Fashion Show – March 11, 2015

Austin Fashion Show by Neiman Marcus and Seton Health Care System Austin Photographer Ken Black was called upon  the magazine L.A. Splash to photograph a fashion show presented by Neiman Marcus and Seton Health Care System.  The fashion show showcased beautiful fashion models and jewelry vendors.  However, more importantly the event raised money for breast cancer...