About Ken Black

Ken Black is a photographer that lives in Austin Texas and it is as simple as that.  However, he tends to specializes in portrait and fashion photography.  Ken Black, also, has a love/hate relationship with street photography.  Much of his skills were perfected on the streets despite almost getting assaulted many times on the down town streets of Austin Texas.  Ken Black's advice when doing street photography is watch "your six o' clock" unless you live in Mayberry USA.  Yes, Ken Black still does street photography.  When Ken Black is not photographing, he is dancing West Coast Swing or tinkering on things, trying to figure out how to make things work.  His artistic views were expounded upon when he was formally trained at Austin Community College's Professional Photography Program.   Ken Black is open to all genres of photography, but his favorite areas of photography are fashion, portraiture, street photography and glamour photography.

Photographing People

After dealing with several clients, Ken Black, understands what most people want is their vanity to be appeased, or simply put they want to look good.  Ken Black has photographed for the new mom that wants her newborn to look precious, to the high school senior that is conscientious of what their peers might think. Ken Black has photographed the forty five year old female that is convinced she no longer looks good in camera, to the stressed out bride. Ken Black has photographed, in Austin, movie stars and fashion models, to the homeless gentleman on the street.  To this end, many things change in life but a photograph never changes.  A photograph is just brief moment in time.  Ken Black believes that moment in time should be captured with dignity and convey the essence of an individual.